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A series of photos is presented.

A student who is blind uses a screen reader and an electronic braille notetaker with a refreshable braille display to access information on the computer. A slate and stylus, pictured in front of the student, is used in addition to the braille notetaker to capture notes in braille.
A student uses an augmentative communication device in the classroom, at home, and in the community.
A student with a learning disability uses a speech- to-text program such as Dragon Speech to do an English assignment.
A student uses the calendar app on his smart phone to help organize and keep track of when and where to catch the bus.
A student with a visual impairment may access a braille menu at a restaurant to order independently.

This activity is a visual of a notebook with a spiral binding. You click to open each page which shows a young adult and a various piece of assistive technology ranging from high tech to low tech.

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