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This activity lists the 3 evidence based curricula for student participation in the development of the transition IEP process.

Tab Title: Choicemaker Self-directed IEP

Tab Content:

ChoiceMaker is an evidence-based curriculum for students with mild to moderate disabilities. ChoiceMaker lessons provide the methodology and materials to teach the goals and objectives of the ChoiceMaker Self-Determination Curriculum. The modules include choosing education, employment, personal, daily living, housing, and community goals, the Self-Directed IEP, and Take Action.

Tab Title: Whose Future Is It Anyway?

Tab Content:

Whose Future Is It Anyway? Is an evidence-based curriculum for students with mild, moderate, and significant cognitive disabilities. The curriculum emphasizes student preferences, needs, and interests. It provides opportunities for students with disabilities to explore issues of self-awareness and acquire problem-solving, decision-making, goal-setting, and small-group communication skills.

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