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Title: Employment Services
Text: Employment providers are paid by Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) to assist individuals with significant disabilities to obtain competitive employment through job placement and supported employment.  The individual and her chosen employment specialist/ job coach will work together to identify a career goal and get a job which meets the individual's interests, strengths, preferences and needs.
Title: Residential services
Text: Residential services are designed to support individuals with disabilities to live successfully in their own homes. These services are funded by the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS) through waiver funding. Services focus on health and safety in addition to supporting individuals to obtain/retain the skills necessary for independence (such as personal care, meals, shopping, bill paying, learning public transportation,etc.)   A list of local residential providers may be accessed through the local BDDS office.
Title: Community rehabilitation services
Text: Community rehabilitation services are facility-based and community-based training in to individuals with developmental disabilities through waiver funding. Training focuses obtain and retrain skills for daily living (such cooking, personal hygiene, money management), social skills, work skills through volunteer activities, transportation, and recreation (art, music, dance, yoga, basketball, goal etc.).  

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