Summary of Performance

Schools are required to complete a summary of performance with students and families during the student's final year of high school (IDEA, 2004). This summary is contained in or attached to the student's final IEP. This summary includes recommendations for referrals, services and activities which will assist the student achieve his/her post-secondary goals. The summary will include the present level of performance for academic and functional skills, accommodations, and supports (Grossi & Cole, 2013). It should also include contact names, phone numbers to assist the student and family complete these recommendations. Through interagency collaboration activities, students should be familiar with these recommendations and hopefully, have already started implementing some of these steps prior to graduating/exiting high school.


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Click HERE to download a Summary of Performance which was developed by a group of Indiana educators, personnel from Vocational Rehabilitation and Offices of Disability Services in various higher education institutions.

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Click HERE to watch powerpoint presentation on the Indiana IEP and Summary of Performance by Karen Goehl and Marc Johnson.







The National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center (NSTTAC) developed this Transition Team Leader Sustainability Toolkit to assist state and local transition planning team leaders in effectively building teams and implementing their yearly transition team plans. Many transition teams are faced with high rates of turnover, and often new team leaders must start over as documents and team history are lost. The Transition Team Leader Sustainability Toolkit is a collaborative effort to assist in sustaining team effort.