Local Transition Stakeholders

Each local community will have a unique collection of community social service agencies and resources to meet specific local needs. For a list of local services and their location click HERE for a Community Map.





While your local area might not seem to have a lot of resources, you should at a minimum, identify the following local transition stakeholders which may offer beneficial services to your students and families.


paste_image16.png Each Indiana County is served by United Way Agencies which offer services and supports to all individuals and families to achieve their potential through education, income stability and healthy lives. Click the United Way graphic to learn more about the United Way services and volunteer opportunities in your community.



community mental health.png

Community Mental Health Centers offer individualized services to individuals of all ages with mental health needs. The continuum of services will vary from community to community.


Examples of services may include:

 Click HERE to locate your local community mental health center to learn more about what is available in your area.


Indiana Centers for Independent Living offer services to support individuals with disabilities free of charge.



Services include:

 To locate the Indiana Center for Independent Living which provides services in your community, click HERE to view the map.


doc.jpg Indiana Department of Corrections (Indiana DOC)

The Indiana Department of Corrections implemented evidence-based practices to support educational and preventive programs for at-risk youth. One example is "The Incredible Years" which targets high-risk youth and those whom have displayed behavioral problems. The goal of this program is to teach parents and educators how to effectively deal with inappropriate behavior of the child and to model appropriate, positive problem-solving and discipline strategies. The target outcome is developed social competence and reduced aggressing behavior by the child at home and at school. To learn more about the Indiana DOC collaborative efforts with schools visit their website by clicking HERE.


Adult Service Agencies

State funding provides many services which are contracted through adult services agencies. Each funding agency maintains a list of their contractors which you may request to identify local adult services agencies. These agencies are key local transition stakeholders because they will offer services and supports which your students may want to access as adults.  In the activity below you will see examples of services, click the "text arrow" to see a description of each service.


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 Want to learn more?

paste_image17.jpg Students will be able to select the employment provider of their choice. Assisting your students prepare and interview potential employment providers will help them to make an informed choice. Click HERE to download a workbook "How to Select an Employment Provider". This publication will support students to identify their key questions to ask when selecting an employment service provider.






Click HERE to download A Guide to Selecting and Monitoring Brain Injury Rehabilitation Services. This guidebook provides information to individuals with traumatic brain injury and their families to select a provider which meets their needs and to actively participate in the decision-making and the monitoring of service delivery.