Before You Start

About Part 3: Teaming for Transition


Teaming for Transition is composed in Soft Chalk Version 6.

It contains streamed video and inline audio played in Quicktime and Adobe Flash files.

To view online you will need:



1. Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher. Click HERE get_flash_player.gif to download and install for free.


2. Quicktime Player to listen to the audio Click Herebutton-quicktimelogo.pngto download and install for free.

3. A High Speed Internet Connection - Using Wireless may result in long wait times for media to load.


4. A Web Browser like Internet Explorer or Fire Fox. Google Chrome will not work.


5. Moving within Part 3:

6. Audio

Sometimes you may just read the text and other times there will be audio. When you seesound.jpgthis is an audio file of the text being read and you can click on the play button to listen to the text. You can click the volume button on the left to adjust the sound.