Families are a key partner in the transition process, however there are other transition stakeholders who will offer resources, supports and opportunities for transitioning students. These transition stakeholders will assist students, families, educators, and the community through interagency collaboration. Let's begin to discuss the next area of the Taxonomy (Kohler, 1996) which is interagency collaboration and how it contributes to the transition process...

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Interagency Collaboration


Transition to adulthood is complex and confusing. For students and parents, it is a complex maze filled with an enormous amount of information about multiple funding sources, varying eligibility requirements, confusing timelines, and a broad range of service providers.  

This complexity can become more manageable through the development/use of a team of people from secondary schools, funding sources, and adult service providers. Of course, the student and family member are crucial members of this team. This interdependent team is referred to as interagency collaboration.