Additional Transition Stakeholders

While other agencies are certainly key transition stakeholders, they are not mandated to participate in transition planning. Developing personal contacts with these various agencies will likely increase their participation on your collaborative teams.   Below are the state agencies with regional offices that can play key roles on interagency teams. (Click on the agency's logo below to visit its website.)


paste_image9.jpg The WorkOne (Indiana Department of Workforce Development) provides all job seekers assistance in researching and locating job openings. The WorkOne also provides programs and training for a desired career in the local labor market.   Click HERE to see the map of WorkOne locations in Indiana.


IU.jpg Colleges and Universities

Knowing the local college and universities disability services coordinator is essential. The disability services coordinator will be able to contribute to their understanding of the differences between academic rigors of college and high school, the differences in support services, and the college's curriculum on both during interagency collaboration and in individual IEP team meetings. Click HERE to download College and Post-Secondary Services for Persons with Disabilities in Indiana 2011-2012 Edition which contains the name and contact of disability services coordinators in each Indiana college. You will also want to ask your building administration or guidance counselors about opportunities for dual enrollment of students in secondary school and college courses.


Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) deliver services to older adults and people with disabilities of any age and their caregivers. The AAAs provide information about resources and service providers, assess needs for service, make referrals to case managers, link to services, monitor consumer satisfaction and adjust services to meet changing needs. The AAA's administer the Aged and Disabled (A&D) Waiver. Click her to find the AAA office which serves your community.