Text: 1.The ideas in the definition state that individualized information collection is ongoing and that it should focus on the current school year as well as future years.

2. IEP Case Conference Committee (CCC) members need to understand the demands of the places that students will be in so that they can help students have the experiences they need while they are in school that will assist them when they access them in the future.

3. An example of this would be if a student had a goal of becoming an artist. In order for the team to support this student, they would need to know where artisits work, what they do, how they market their work, what education is required, and so on.

3a. If the same student wanted to have his own apartment, the members would need to understand the residential options available in the area that they student wants to live, the average cost of rent, how to find a roomate, how to apply for Section 8 housing if needed etc.

4.Finally, this definition of transition assessment information talks about it being ongoing. This means that information should be collected across time, settings, people, and assessment tools. This is central to best practice in transition assessment.