What is the Transition Assessment Framework?


 The framework for transition assessment and planning process uses 4 key questions developed by Sitlington & Clark in 2006. These questions are meant to assist students, teachers and Case Conference Committee members with learning about a student's strengths, preferences, interests and needs as they relate to each of their measurable postsecondary goals, annual goals and transition services and activities. Since transition assessment is an ongoing process, you should use these questions all the time.

These questions form the basis of a transition assessment plan as suggested by Sitlington, Neubert & Clark and are the way to link the assessment to each student's Individualized Education Program. On the right side of your screen in the Handouts section you will see the Annual Transition Assessment Planning Form that contains these questions. It is a resource for you to use when you are thinking about assessment for an individual student.

Here are the 4 questions and essential sub-questions for educators to consider when conducting the transition assessment and planning process with students on an ongoing basis.

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