The previous sections of this training have given you an overview of the most important aspects of transition assessment. Now it's time to see what you've learned so far put into action. What follows are the transition assessment stories of four students with a variety of disabilities across their years in school. Each student has different strengths, interests, preferences and support needs and as you've learned these change over time.

The stories are divided by the four questions that guide tranition assessment in Indiana. As you read the stories take the time to analyze what you agree with and what you would have done differently for each student and why. After each story, you will have a chance to record your thoughts as you answer the question, "What Do You Think?". Find time to talk to other teachers in your school about these stories. What did they think? What would they have done differently? Why?

If you'd like to continue the conversation about these stories, click on the link to the right in the Learn More section of this training and it will take you to The Learning Connection. Join the Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center Community and start a conversation in the Forum called Transition Assessment Dialog.