Text: I. Instruction

Social skills training

Self-determination/self-advocacy training

Career Tech programs

Tutoring in study skills related to an education/training goal

Computer skills instruction

II. Related Services

Counseling to manage anger/behavior support

Occupational Therapy to improve feeding skills

Use of augmentative communication device at job site

Orientation and Mobility services for community participation

Transfer of therapy services to adult services arena

III. Community Experiences

Visit colleges


Use public transportation

Participate in work-based learning or job shadowing

Community-based instruction to apply skills learned in school.

IV. Employment and Adult Learning

Career exploration or after school work

Managing health and medical needs

Housing and transportation

Self-sufficiency, money management, financial

College planning

V. Linkages to Adult Services

Apply for colleges and disability support services

Refer to Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Apply for Medicaid Waiver