About Teresa

Teresa is the Director for the Center on Community Living and Careers at the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, the Indiana’s University Center for Excellence (UCE) at Indiana University. Dr. Grossi has extensive background in education and employment for individuals with disabilities where she has worked in North Carolina and Ohio as a community-based instructor, transition coordinator, job coach and managed a vocational training program and a supported employment agency.

Teresa serves on a number of editorial boards and has conducted research and written on secondary transition services, community supports and employment issues for individuals with disabilities. Teresa served president of the National Board for the APSE, Advancing Employment, Connecting People; advisory board for the National Postsecondary Outcomes Center, the research committee for the Division of Career Development and Transition, and the external evaluator for the National Secondary Transition and Technical Assistance Center. Teresa was awarded a Mary Switzer Fellow from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research to conduct research on the effects of inclusive vs traditional high school programs on the post-secondary outcomes for students with disabilities.