Portfolio Training & Support

Transition Portfolio Training and Support


I will use them in the house. I will use them with a mouse.

I will add to them at school. They will help my students rule.

With apologies to Dr. Seuss! 

Hundreds of Indiana secondary educators participated in INSTRC's spring 2021 Transition Portfolio Trainings. During the five virtual trainings, teachers learned:

  • how to capture a student's learning characteristics,
  • how to record and capture a student's skills and academic strengths,
  • how to recognize and record a student's employability skills. 

In the final training module, participants also had the chance to practice navigating the portfolio process using several examples.

Archived Transition Portfolio Training Modules

Missed the trainings or need a refresher?  Watch here!


In this overview, learn what Transition Portfolios are and what they can do for your students.

Watch Session One

Here I Am, Let's Come Up with a Plan! presentation pdf

Capturing information about a student's learning characteristics. 

Watch Session 2

Look at Me! So Much to See presentation pdf

Recording and capturing a student's academic skills and achievements

Watch Session 3

The Things I Achieve, You Wouldn't Believe presentation pdf

Recognizing and recording student employability skills.

Watch Session 4

Job One, Job Two. Finding the Right Job for You presentation pdf

Practicing the step-by-step how-tos. Demonstrations using several Transition Portfolio examples. 

Watch Session 5

Hop on Top, Cream of the Crop! presentation pdf

Transition Office Hours

Got Portfolio Questions?

The INSTRC team is now taking your questions during weekly Transition Office Hours. Come prepared with your transition, portfolio, or Transition IEP-related questions or just pop in to hear and learn from others.

Join us: Thursdays, 2:30-4:30 p.m.,  Eastern Time

You do not need to register for Transition Office Hours. Just drop in with your questions. There will be a Zoom waiting room; the host will let you in.

Connect via Zoom