About the Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center

Staff members of the Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center work closely with transition educators and teams throughout the state, providing technical assistance, troubleshooting challenges, and assisting schools as they collaborate with state agencies and organizations to build seamless transitions for their students.

The Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center:

  • Creates and provides professional development activities, including webinars, podcasts,workshops, and comprehensive training and technical assistance for educational professionals.
  • Develops and coordinates the statewide Cadre of Transition Leaders to more effectively support students with disabilities and their families by focusing on student-focused planning, student development, family involvement, interagency collaboration, and program structures.
  • Supports the Indiana Department of Education’s Office of Special Education as it works to improve graduation rates, drop-out rates, compliant Transition IEPs, family involvement, and post-school outcomes.

A project of the Center on Community Living and Careers, one of seven centers at the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, Indiana University.