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Collaboration Between School and Vocational Rehabilitation Video - This short video about how schools and vocational rehabilitation services can work together by improving collaboration, is a product of the North Central Cadre.

Do You Know" Newsletters - Developed and distributed by the Central Cadre, each of these newsletters for families focused on a specific transition topic. Click on a topic to view and download the newsletters.

Innovative Interviewing and Resume Examples - The following examples and strategies are adapted from the La Porte Community School Corporation and are introduced by Gina Alber, transition coordinator for South La Porte Special Education Cooperative, and Melinda Sell, an instructor also with the South La Porte Special Education Cooperative.

Student Data Collection Surveys - The Southwest Cadre designed survey tools to collect meaning ful data about students that could be used in their transition IEPs. Surveys were designed for general and special education teachers as well as parents. The general education survey results were collected by each school district in an excel file so that special educators could see which general education classes were providing students with transition assessments and activities. Click below to view and download these files.

Student Self-Determination Webinars - In an effort to increase student participation and engagement in the transition process, the East Cadre developed this webinar. 

The Transition Assessment Matrix - An online assessment search tool, originally developed by the Northeast Transition Cadre Leaders, the Matrix has now been incorporated into the Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center website.

Transition Tracking Forms - In order to increase collaboration between schools and Vocational Rehabilitation Services, the Northwest Cadre developed two student tracking forms. One was for use by the teacher of record. The second was for shared information between the teacher and the VRS counselor. Click on the titles to view and download the forms.