Diploma Decisions

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Certificate of completion/Diploma FAQs - Adapted from "Special Education: Frequently Asked Questions," Indiana Department of Education.

Diploma and Decision Graphic

Indiana DiplomaDecisions - Information for Hoosier families and their students with disabilities, published by the Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center and the Southeast Cadre of Transition Leaders. 

Eleccion de diploma en Indiana - "Indiana Diploma Decisions" en español.

Indiana's Diploma Requirements

Accommodations vs. Modifications - A short guide on the difference and why understanding the difference and helping students advocate for their accommodations is so important to students in secondary and post-secondary education.

Moving On...Life After High School - A brochure from Indiana Family and Social Services Administration.

Is College for You? Setting Goals and Taking Action - A publication of the Center on Community Living and Careers. Resources and links updated in 2016.

Transition to Adult Life: A Guide for Families - A publication of IN*Source, Indiana's parent training and information center.