Transition Assessment Matrix

Finding Age-Appropriate Transition Assessments

tech buttonThe Transition Assessment Matrix was developed for secondary education transition teachers by the Indiana Northeast Cadre of Transition Leaders and the Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center (INSTRC).  Assessments included in the Matrix have either been created by INSTRC, are available online, or are those for which INSTRC has received permission from the original publisher.  Recent Matrix updates make it easier to navigate and identify assessments that meet the specific needs of your students.

New to the Matrix: Authentic Assessments—simple tools you can use to capture transition-related services and activities happening in the classroom, during community-based instruction, in a career/technical education classroom/program, and throughout a student’s school year. Authentic assessments can help inform Transition and IEP decision making. 

Using the Transition Assessment Matrix:  Choose variables to narrow down your transition assessment choices. You can choose:

  • the topic area you are hoping to assess (Employment, Education/Training, Independent Living),
  • the grade level of student you are looking to assess (6-8, 9-10, 11-12), and
  • disability.

In making your choices, you can choose more than one option to broaden your search.  The Matrix will bring up all of the assessments that match your selected criterion.  

The Transition Assessment Matrix is an ongoing project, with updates occurring throughout the year. Note that some assessments may no longer be available due to copyright restrictions.  Please feel free to direct any feedback, questions, or suggestions to the INSTRC team at

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