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Training and Technical Assistance for Transition IEPs

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Individualizing a Transition IEP takes time and know-how. Indiana's middle and high school teachers understand that it's an ongoing process involving a magic mix of coaching, evaluation, mentoring, skills development, and collaboration. That's the fine art of creating a smooth transition to life beyond high school to employment, community participation, further education and/or training, and independent living with appropriate supports.

Key to making the magic all work, however, is understanding the components of a good transition and how to build on those individual pieces every year so that teachers, students, and case conference teams construct a compliant and quality Transition IEP. 

The Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center is here to help. 

The Transition Miniseries

The 13-course miniseries is free online training from INSTRC. Each course (they’re brief!) is designed to help you become more familiar with the components of the cyclical planning process and support you as you create quality Transition IEPs with your students.

Courses in the Transition Miniseries are:

  • Transition Miniseries Introduction
  • Student Involvement
  • Transition IEP: Introduction
  • Transition IEP: Present Levels of Function Performance
  • Transition IEP: Transition Assessments and Postsecondary Goals
  • Transition IEP: Transition Services and Activities
  • Transition IEP: Annual Goals
  • Transition IEP: Alignment/ Conclusion
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Transition
  • Transition Portfolios
  • Transition Programs within Schools
    Adult Services
  • Transition Miniseries Conclusion and Resources

You can complete the entire series or individual courses. The miniseries is designed both for teachers new to the field and for teachers and administrators who just want a refresher. Upon completing courses, you can receive contact hours used toward Professional Growth Points, up to a total of 21 contact hours for completing the entire miniseries.

The Transition Miniseries is provided online through IU Expand. The IU Expand link to the Transition Miniseries will give you information on how to create an IU Guest Account and enroll. 

Enroll now

Additional Resources

Find more Transition IEP resources by clicking on the "Transition IEP" filter box on the left side of the Resource Search page. 

Got a Question? We've Got Answers

  • “If one part of the Transition IEP is not compliant, does that mean the whole IEP is not compliant?”
  • “I have a student who insists his goal is to be a football quarterback. What services and activities should we be doing?”
  • “My student is planning to live at home after they leave school. Does that mean they don’t need an independent living goal?”
  • “I have a postsecondary goal but I’m not sure it’s measurable. How do I find out?”

Transition can be a tricky business. Every student is different. Rules and regulations change. Documentation demands your attention. Staff of the Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center now provide assistance in two formats. 


Transition Talk at High Noon

Created by  transition professionals for transition professionals. Join us every month for short, topic-focused technical assistance.

First Wednesdays, Noon, Eastern Time

May 4 Annual Goals: Behavior with Cathlene Hardy Hansen, Mike Nevins, and Mary Pearson from the Center on Community Living and Careers.

June 1 Annual Goals: Speech with Cathlene Hardy Hansen, Mike Nevins, and Mary Pearson from the Center on Community Living and Careers.

July 6 Annual Goals: Social/Communication with Cathlene Hardy Hansen, Mike Nevins, and Mary Pearson from the Center on Community Living and Careers.

Connect via Zoom

You do not need to pre-register for Transition Talks. When you join the session, you'll enter a waiting room. The host will let you in the room. 


Transition Open Office Hours

INSTRC is holding weekly office hours. Come prepared with your transition, portfolio, or Transition IEP-related questions or just pop in to hear and learn from others. 

Thursdays, 2:30-4:30 p.m., Eastern Time

You do not need to pre-register. Feel free to drop in with your question or just listen in to learn what your colleagues are asking. 

Connect via Zoom

Need accommodations? Contact us at  at least three weeks before your Transition Talk or Open Office Hours. Let us know what accommodations you’ll need and for which dates you’ll need them.