Defining What It Means to Live Independently

Transition can be a challenging time for teens and their families. There is a continuum of support needs across a variety of domains during and following this transition period. Students and families may need information and supports regarding decision-making, transportation, relationships, household or budget management, employment, education, and more.

What does it really look like, though, when you stitch together all of those supports? How can teachers, families, and students envision what life could be like after high school?

Adria Nassim, one of our colleagues at the Center on Community Living and Careers, is a young woman with multiple disabilities who works and lives independently in Indiana. She knows what supports she needs, and what works best for her, including her companion and service dog Lucy. Adria writes about disability for the local newspaper and has a blog for the Center on Community Living and Careers. Follow her at Adria’s Notebook.

Find more information about independent living on the new Community pages of the Center on Community Living and Careers website. In the coming months we’ll add to our pages on Health and Wellness, Housing, and Independent Living, but take a look and share with your students and families.