Have a Say: Vote!

We all know that self-determination is a primary indicator of better outcomes for transitioning students. One of the best ways to foster that self-determination is to involve students in the process of voting.

With that in mind, here are a number of election resources to share with your students:

Encourage your students of voting age to create a calendar reminder or to ask their smart speakers to tell them to vote on Election Day, November 3, or to mail in their ballots at least a week before the day!


Bonus Tip: Interested in Self-Employment and Business Ownership? The Center on Community Living and Careers and the Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities is offering two upcoming trainings. Both are free and online for students, young adults, families, and supporters. The ABCs of Self-Employment is an introductory workshop and will be held twice, on October 7 and again on October 14. For those who want to dive deeper into the topic, the Road to Self-Employment is a two-day training, on November 3-4. For more information or to register.