'I Knew...I Was Going to Be Going to College'

Last week we gave you information for students leaving school with a Certificate of Completion who might be interested in postsecondary education experiences. This week, we’ll explore information and resources for Indiana students with disabilities graduating with a General or Core 40 diploma who are seeking an academic degree.

Eligible students graduating with a General Diploma may have the opportunity to start their postsecondary journey at Ivy Tech Community Colleges or other two-year colleges around the state. These colleges can acclimate students to college classes and provide an avenue toward career and technical certificates or an associate’s degree. They can also be the first step to a transfer to a four-year university.

Students graduating with a Core 40 Diploma who are aiming for a bachelor’s degree or higher will want to talk with the disability services office at the colleges they apply to regarding their accommodations. A few Indiana universities (and others around the country) offer additional supports for students with disabilities, including tutoring services, peer mentoring, social skills groups, and more.

For more information, check out:

And for a little inspiration, watch Natalie Miller’s transition success video on the CCLC YouTube channel.