Living a Life of Health and Passion

Working in secondary transition, we try to help students envision their best life. What is the best way to prevent negative outcomes? To promote positive actions that lead to desired outcomes! If we wait until a problem exists and then attempt to treat it, overcome it, or even hide it, then we have waited too long!

It is much easier to stay healthy than to become healthy once a life event changes your course. The Indiana Prevention Resource Center understands that. They’ve created What’s Your Side Effect?, a campaign encouraging young people to avoid substance abuse and live their most healthy, passionate life. Check out the What's Your Side Effect websiteand find out how your students can use the campaign’s three strategies to:

Set the Stage—develop strong relationships, mentors, safe places, and healthy lifestyles to increase student chances for success.

Dream Big—enthusiastically pursue what makes a student come alive.

Bring a Friend—find the fun in pursuing a passion by supporting friends who are also pursing their passions.

Nice related video series here too, that you could use in your classrooms.