Making Use of INSTRC's Transition IEP Resources

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of the school year it’s easy to forget about available resources. The Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center website contains trainings, guides, and checklists to help teachers and administrators write quality Transition IEPs.

  • Indiana Transition Requirements Checklist – A form to ensure that Transition IEPs are compliant. 
  • Indiana Transition IEP Rubric – A comprehensive guide that walks you through the creation of each component of the IEP. The Transition IEP Rubric includes quality, compliant, and non-compliant examples for each section of the IEP. 
  • Transition IEP Miniseries – A series of online modules designed to explain each section of the Transition IEP. The entire miniseries is worth 10.5 hours toward Professional Growth Points. 
  • Transition Services and Activities: Making the Connection – A guide that explains the cyclical process connecting a student’s postsecondary goals to transition services and activities. Case studies are used as examples to help you understand the importance of included quality services and activities in the Transition IEP.