Online Teaching: Postsecondary Goals

One of a series of tips to help you work online with your transition students.

Helping students define their postsecondary goals might feel challenging when you’re not discussing their future hopes and dreams with them in person. Here are a few tips about maintaining quality postsecondary goals for your students during Covid-19:

  • Communicate with your students. Use email, cell phone, or an app to have those important discussions. Talk with students about their plans for post-school employment, education, and independent living. Ask them if current events have made them rethink their goals or if they remain the same.
  • Use an app or program to send a message with questions to multiple students. Ask questions that help students think about their postsecondary goals. Google Forms is a great way to send information to students and receive replies that are automatically recorded for each individual. GroupMe is an app that enables participants to have group discussions that does not require sharing cell numbers. Need career resources? Check out our Career Video Resource Collection on the INSTRC website.

It’s important to keep students thinking about their futures and to help them participate in modified activities, similar to what they were doing before social distancing was put into effect. These activities, when summarized, can be turned into assessment information and will help students continue to consider their postsecondary goals.

Do you have some creative ways to reach out and work with your students on their postsecondary goals while they are at home? Please send your examples to us at