Online Teaching: Transition Services and Activities

One of a series of tips to help you support your transition students when they can’t be in school.

With students now at home, it can be a challenge to ensure access to quality transition services and activities. Here are some examples of services and activities you can help students do online or from home.


  • Have a student watch career videos related to their career choice or area of interest at Dr. Kit or CareerOneStop. They should then complete and return a form telling you what they like and don’t like about the career. After watching videos, students can also tell you if they’ve identified a possible new career or if they want to change or confirm their career choice.
  • Set up a video connection, like Skype or Zoom, with a student and share pictures of possible areas of interest or preference or actual careers (outside, inside, computers, mechanics, office, art, drivers, etc.) Have the student indicate if they like or dislike each picture.

Education and Training

  • Ask a student to research three colleges, CTE programs, or online training programs that provide training related to their postsecondary career goal. Have them write and submit a short paper explaining what they like and dislike about each program.
  • Students who will be accessing training at an adult service provider after leaving high school could connect online or by phone with an agency representative and discuss the programs and supports they provide to young adults and their families. They can then send you a report.

Independent Living Skills

  • Have the student film themselves (possibly with family assistance) using a computer camera or cell phone as they carry out an independent living task such as preparing a snack, or tying their shoes. Record those abilities on a task analysis or an observational assessment. Practicing the skill can be a service, and the task analysis could be a transition assessment on the next IEP.
  • Video modeling can help a student learn independent living skills. Search for video modeling examples on YouTube and share those modeling skills you want the student to practice. Two examples:

How have you been providing quality transition services to students while they are at home? Please send your examples to us at