Resources en Espanol

We have an increasing number of requests for Spanish-language transition materials. In response, we recently posted “Decisiones sobre el Diploma Indiana,” the translation of our “Indiana Diploma Decisions” among our resources on the INSTRC website.

To make it easier to find Spanish-language transition support materials for students and families, we’ve also created a new Resource Collection on the website. Under Resource Collections and the “Resources in Spanish” tab, you’ll find:

  • “Decisiones sobre el Diploma Indiana” (Indiana Diploma Decisions)

  • Es la unversidad para ti? (Is College for You?)

  • “Es mi decision” (It’s My Decision)

  • “Indiana Servicios de Rehabilitation Vocational” (Working with Indiana VR—the video)

  • “Trabajando con Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation” (Working with Indiana VR—the fact sheet for students and families)


And in English:

  • “Transition to Employment: Recommendations for Working with Hispanic/Latino Families” (video)

Feliz año nuevo!