Sharing Success Stories

Sometimes it’s difficult to visualize the possibilities when you’re living with the day-to-day challenges. To help students, families, and caregivers understand what’s actually doable, we suggest sharing videos of transition success stories.

Take a look at the “Transition to Life After High School” page from the Pacer Center, Minnesota’s parent training and information center. The page features a subpage of employment success videos. Be sure to watch the one on customized employment and then scroll down to see videos from young people with disabilities.

Jared will tell you about his web design business that he’s able to run thanks to his sip and puff assistive technology. Nick operates his own lawncare business. And John explains how he’s been able to explore his strengths in the world of tech.
While they’re visiting the Life After High School pages, parents and students may also want to check out the Pacer Center’s videos on independent living, assistive tech, and self-advocacy.

You can share links to these videos in newsletters to home, at transition fairs, or via parent nights. Some students may enjoy watching them as part of their transition program or youth employment activities.