Working and Earning Money While Receiving Benefits

We’re following up today on our Benefits 101 webinar of October 29. We recorded the session and it’s now up on the INSTRC website, but you can link to Benefits 101 here.

For those of you who didn’t have a chance to listen in, the webinar was presented by Stephanie Gage, who is the project coordinator of Indiana’s Benefits Information Network (BIN). Supported through Indiana VR, the BIN project trains and certifies a group of liaisons who provide resources and counsel individuals and their families around the state. Like the Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center, BIN is a project of the Center on Community Living and Careers (CCLC).

Want more benefits info for families? We have a page of work incentive and benefits information fact sheets on our CCLC website. And if you scroll down, you’ll find a series of four fact sheets specifically for students in transition.
Supplemental Security Income After Age 18
Social Security Disability Insurance
Working and Paying for Health Care
More State and Federal Benefits

And just so you know: Stephanie and her team keep tabs on changes to benefits, so we update the fact sheets annually. Look for new fact sheets in January 2020.