There's a Guidebook for What You Do!

In the final installment of our series on what we learned during this summer’s statewide transition conference, we’re going to visit Mary Morningstar’s keynote presentation, “College and Career Readiness Requires Collaboration.” She focused on preparing youth with disabilities for college and career readiness, collaboration among key stakeholders in transition, and the roles and competencies of secondary educators, education administrators, and community systems. If you didn’t catch that presentation, we have a remedy!

Lesson 4: Your school team or pooled school teams might want to consider use of Morningstar’s book, Your Complete Guide to Transition Planning and Services, available through Brookes Publishing. The paperback and e-book both retail for $29.95. Buy it, share it, read it, repeat. Like the country song says, “Sunrise, sunburn, sunset, repeat.” But you won’t get burned with this purchase, in our humble opinion. This comprehensive book features permission to download, print, or photocopy an array of forms. With Morningstar’s advice and guidance, you might be able to take a few giant leaps toward quality transition implementation and content.

What does Nike say?....”Just do it!”