Department of Education Resources

In the busy-ness of a typical day, it is difficult to find time to look at all of the incredible resources available to us. This week we’re highlighting resources on the Indiana Department of Education’s website. Some have a direct link to Transition, while others link to subjects that affect our daily lives as educators.

Take a minute to locate a new (or not so new) resource to support your work.

We’re often asked about the monitoring rotation for Indicator 13, as well as other performance indicators. The website above takes you to information regarding Continuous Improvement Focused Monitoring and Support. On this site, you will find the monitoring indicators and dates for your district.

The Certificate of Completion (COC) is a much talked about topic in our secondary schools. Make sure you have the most recent information from Dr. Pam Wright, director of the Office of Special Education, IDOE, at  

Presentations available from a September 2017 Charter School training, conducted by the DOE, provide great overviews of some of our most important topics in the field—no matter where you teach. You will find information and presentations from individuals across the state on the following topics:

• Accommodations 
• Autism
• Understanding & Addressing Behavior 
• Due Process and Discipline 
• ESSA & Foster Care 
• Key Components in a Compliant Transition IEP
• Helping Students Recovering from Traumatic Events
• Multi-Tiered System of Support 
• Section 504 
• Title Grants & Support
• And more!