Facing the Future Tomorrow--This Summer!

Watch your inbox! In the coming weeks, we’ll be sending you information about Indiana’s statewide virtual transition conference, coming up this summer. The three-day conference, “Facing the Future Together,” takes place July 21-23 and will feature national keynote speakers as well as breakout sessions for teachers, young adults and family members, community employment providers, VR counselors, and other professionals supporting transition students.

Topics proposed by panelists and presenters include assistive tech apps and tools; self-determination; benefits; transition strategies for blind and low-vision students; neurodiversity; sexual health for young adults with disabilities; work-based learning experiences; career-technical education; postsecondary education opportunities; and more.

This year, the annual conference for Indiana Cadres of Transition Leaders, usually offered each spring, will be held in conjunction with the July 21-23 transition conference.

More on speakers coming soon. Registration materials will land in your inbox in early May. Please share this information with your transitioning students and families!