Get Your FEAT On!

Are you a student, family member, educator, or employment professional interested in learning more about transitioning to life beyond high school? Then Family Employment Awareness Training (FEAT) is just the thing for you.

Funded through Vocational Rehabilitation—and available to you at no-cost—Indiana FEAT is designed to increase family, student, and professional knowledge of the state, federal, and community resources that support employment. Our INSTRC team conducts FEAT trainings both virtually and in-person around the state. Visit our website for a full schedule of FEAT sessions.

Who should attend?

FEAT is valuable for students with disabilities preparing to exit high school, family members supporting someone seeking employment, and anyone who helps people find employment, gain benefits, and become independent.

What’s it all about?

  • FEAT is about knowing your rights.
  • FEAT is about knowing your community resources.
  • FEAT is about understanding your options.
  • FEAT is about being inspired by positive storytelling and connecting with others through common shared experiences.

FEAT training includes individual and group activities, discussions, pullout sessions for young adults, and presentations from local employees, entrepreneurs, and community resource agency members.

FEAT training facilitators follow up with technical assistance sessions to support participants as they take steps toward achieving competitive integrated employment.

What topics are covered?

  • Indiana’s Employment First policy;
  • outside-the-box employment possibilities;
  • success stories;
  • family/parental role in supporting employment;
  • transition to adulthood (healthcare, work, postsecondary education/training);
  • employee and employer resources;
  • information to support gaining and maintaining employment; and
  • antidiscrimination laws.


In short, attending FEAT sessions is a brilliant use of time and energy—we hope to see you there! To register, visit the Center on Community Living and Career’s FEAT page.

Come on, get your FEAT on!