February-March Family Employment Awareness Training

In an effort to help families participate at a time that’s more convenient for them, Indiana’s Family Employment Awareness Training (FEAT) is shaking up its virtual schedule. FEAT is a series of free webinars for parents, young adults in transition, and their supporters to help them learn about competitive employment. In addition to extensive information about supported/customized employment, training also provides resources and discussion on employer and employee supports, benefits, work incentives, and savings.

This spring, IN*SOURCE and the Center on Community Living and Careers will offer each FEAT webinar three times on the days the webinar is offered—morning, afternoon, and in the evening—so that attendees can participate when it’s more convenient for them. Training kicks off February 16 and runs through March 25.

In addition to topic-focused sessions, FEAT offers two webinars specifically for young adults, and two webinars featuring presentations from local employers, agencies, and other support organizations. This spring, local presenters will represent Wabash, Angola, and Fort Wayne.

FEAT, now offered in five states, is sponsored by AWS Foundation.

Encourage students and families to check out the list of FEAT topics, dates, and times on the IN*SOURCE FEAT information page.