Guiding Parents and Teams Through Transition

In 2017, the U.S. Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services published “A Transition Guide to Postsecondary Education and Employment for Students and Youth with Disabilities.” The guide introduces transition team members to:

• Transition IEP rules and regulations
• Vocational Rehabilitation eligibility and Pre-Employment Transition Services
• Supported, customized, and self-employment post-school options
• Preparation and paying for college
• Strategies for supporting students to make their own decisions
• Links to programs and services involved in transition

Also included in the guide are a chart listing key points in the transition process and a glossary of terms.

Though the OSERS Transition Guide contains information on transition concepts and best practices, it does not go into detail about specific state practices. Consider pairing the “Transition Guide to Postsecondary Education and Employment...” with “Indiana Diploma Decisions” (available on the INSTRC website in both English and Spanish) as resources for families during case conference meetings or parent nights.