Indiana Cadres of Transition Leaders

In 2011, Indiana created Cadres of Transition Leaders in the seven Director Roundtable Regions.  Since their inception, the Cadres have worked to support students, families, and educators in better understanding the process of transition and the Transition IEP. The various Cadres have also been responsible for creating many resources that are used statewide, including the Transition Assessment Matrix, case conference cues, videos on independent living, and parent newsletters.

Cadres meet either monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly—depending on their needs and activities. Cadre members also come together annually for a day-long Capacity-Building Institute to share what they’ve learned, hear from state leaders, and learn from national experts.

Each Cadre is always looking to increase its membership to serve as many districts and cooperatives as possible. Not a member? Would you like to be? If you are interested in joining one of the regional Cadres, please contact the Cadre facilitator listed below to find out when your regional Cadre is meeting next.  If you have general questions regarding the Cadres, please contact Joni Schmalzried at