More Career Videos

We discovered another website for your students who are exploring careers. This one, on a site called Dr. Kit, contains more than 300 video interviews with employees working in a wide variety of fields, from animal care specialists to wine educators.

In each interview, employees discuss a typical day on the job, the types of environments they work in, what they like most and least about their jobs, and the type of education and preparation someone new to the career should have. K9 police officer Bruce explains how he cares for his dog, sleep technician Mia talks about the challenges of working a night shift, and pro football player Terrell explains the need to sacrifice body, family, and time in order to be a professional athlete. Preview the many videos here:  

Our INSTRC website resources now include several different websites that feature career videos. As a result, we’ve added a Career Videos page to our Resource Collections on INSTRC.  Click the link here, or use the Resource Collections tab at the top of the INSTRC site and select Career Videos from the dropdown menu.