More Certificate of Completion and Diploma Resources

The Indiana Department of Education recently distributed a memo to clarify some of the questions surrounding diplomas and the Certificate of Completion. The memo contains links to sections of the Indiana Code that pertain to diploma requirements and the certificate.

Here’s the link to the memo: 

Regarding diplomas, the memo specifies, “Currently, students have the option of earning one of four diploma types: General, Core 40, Core 40 with Academic Honors, or Core 40 with Technical Honors.” For quick reference, here’s the link to the IDOE webpage on diploma and certificate requirements:  In addition, the memo cites Indiana Code regarding “opt out” procedures and requirements for students graduating with a General Diploma and alternatives for students who did not pass the graduation examination, but who still may be able to earn a diploma.

Regarding certificates, the memo also clarifies the differences between a certificate of completion and a diploma. New Certificate of Completion guidelines, now in development, “would require students to complete some combination of credits and applied units, equaling a total of 40, with an emphasis on academics and job readiness.”