New Recordkeeping Resources

As we travel around the state, we take note of resources you ask for or that could help you best serve your students. One area of discussion is how to gather better information for students who may be working on a Certificate of Completion and are participating in outside community and/or work experiences.

Here are a few (fillable) inventories that we hope will be useful in those situations. We're linking to them below, but they'll also be located on the Transition Assessment Matrix: 

  • Community Summary Log:  Use this as an ongoing record of where students have worked in the community. It is perfect for resume building and is a great resource to pass along to adult service providers. It also allows you to make notes about the student’s likes/dislikes of the placement.
  • Volunteer Summary Log:  Similar to the Community Summary Log, this provides a place to keep a running track record of volunteer experiences.
  • Work Skills:  This checklist addresses some of the basic, but important skills needed for employment. Students can determine, with your support as needed, whether or not they are able to do the skill by themselves, with help, or if it is a skill they would like to learn.
  • How Do I Advocate for Myself?:  This four-question inventory allows you to gather basic knowledge regarding how a student interacts with others, makes decisions, and informs other of their needs.