New VR Videos for Students and Families

Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation has updated its “Working with Indiana VR” video. Available in Spanish and English, the video uses a colorful quick-draw technique to explain VR’s application and eligibility process. It also describes services available for job seekers, students with a postsecondary education goal, and employees who are looking for a new job or who have a new employment goal.

This year “Working with VR” also includes information on Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) and VR’s order of selection, the process by which VR determines who is eligible for services when a state’s resources are challenged.
To watch and share the video, use the links below, or search for Working with Indiana VR on the Center on Community Living and Careers website.

If you’ve saved the link to the old video, be sure to update your files with the new one!