Order of Selection Update

Throughout the course of the current school year, there has been a great deal of discussion around Vocational Rehabilitation Services and its implementation of order of selection this year. At our fall trainings, we distributed a list of Frequently Asked Questions. That document was recently revised (10-17), and we wanted you to have the most up-to-date resource as you share information with students and their families. Please access this link for current information: https://www.in.gov/fssa/files/OrderofSelectionFAQUpdatedOctober2017.pdf

Still have questions? Find your local VRS office on the Regional Map, here: https://www.in.gov/fssa/files/VRS_Area_Offices.pdf 

Want even more information? Watch this podcast created by ARC of Indiana: https://www.arcind.org/podcasts/a-view-into-vr-order-of-selection/