Planning a Postsecondary Education Path

We have two postsecondary education planning resources that you can use with your students who are looking toward college.
Big Future: This College Board website allows students to set up an account to assist in creating their college path online. There are a variety of student-centered resources available, including student profiles, parent information, career exploration, and a college locator. There are also resources for applying for entrance, entrance testing, and interviewing.

For your college-bound students, this would be an excellent on-going transition service/activity as they progress through the exploration and application process for postsecondary education. Note that the College Board also has a direct link in the footer of their website to services and accommodations for students with disabilities.
College Scorecard: This Department of Education site provides up-to-date, comprehensive, and reliable information on colleges. The site provides a step-by-step guide for students, families, and educators. Students can sort and filter search results to compare schools based on a variety of factors (cost, programs, location, and financial support). Check it out and see if this easy-to-navigate site could benefit some of your students.