Transition Miniseries Spotlight: The Transition IEP

We know it can be difficult for educators to find the time to get the training and knowledge they need to stay up to date on teaching trends and strategies. If this sounds like your life, then you’re in luck!

The Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center has redesigned the Transition Miniseries so that busy educators like you can access transition information when you are most available to learn it.

In this newly expanded set of courses, you will find modules that focus on the Transition IEP, such as:

  • Course 4—Transition IEP: Present Levels of Function Performance
    Information and direction about the section that guides the rest of the IEP, the present levels, and progress monitoring.
  • Course 5—Transition IEP: Transition Assessments and Postsecondary Goals
    Information about the section of the IEP that helps guide the student to what they want to do about their education, employment, and independent living after high school.
  • Course 6—Transition IEP: Transition Services and Activities
    Information about a sometimes-misunderstood section of the IEP that should include specific activities that enable the student to make decisions about each of their postsecondary goals.
  • Course 7—Transition IEP: Annual Goals
    Information about how to write quality annual goal statements that are both skill-based and measurable.

The Transition Miniseries is free of charge and completely self-paced—start and finish on a schedule that works for you. INSTRC will award a certificate upon completion for up to 21 contact hours that can be used toward professional growth points.

For more information about the Transition Miniseries, stop by our open Office Hours on Thursdays from 2:30 – 4:30 p.m. or drop us a line at

Access the INSTRC Transition Miniseries here.