Making the Connection…and Coming Full Circle

Do you sometimes feel stumped or need help finding creative and aligned Transition Services and Activities for your students? You’re not alone! If aligned well to the rest of the IEP, Transition Services and Activities can make students excited to investigate their interests and preferences while discovering their strengths and needs. It is a time to celebrate self-exploration through meaningful student-centered transition services and activities based on the student’s specific postsecondary goals.

Transition Services and Activities are a set of coordinated events that inform and facilitate a student’s passage from high school toward employment, education, and independent living. Students, with the assistance of parents and teachers, can help design the best transition services and activities. If done well, these activities can help students:

  • determine if the path they have chosen is the one about which they are most passionate; and
  • decide if they need to make a change to their postsecondary goals and rethink their transition plan.

You can review the best transition services and activities with the student and write up their experience as an authentic assessment for next year’s IEP…. coming full circle.

Our favorite resources for Transition Services and Activities are:

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