Transition to Adult Care

As young adults transition to living more independently, health care becomes a concern. Many young adults are not aware of how to find appropriate health care and learn that navigating health insurance, Medicaid, and other health care-related programs can be daunting.

Got Transition from the National Alliance to Advance Adolescent Health has a goal to improve transition for young adults to adult health care. They’re “working to:

  • expand the use of the Six Core Elements of Health Care Transition™;
  • improve knowledge and competencies in providing effective health care transition supports;
  • develop youth and parent leadership in advocating for needed transition supports;
  • promote health system measurement, performance, and payment policies; and
  • serve as a clearinghouse for current transition information, tools, and resources.”

    Got Transition provides an online service that helps young adults and parents determine what information they need to support young adults in becoming independent in managing their health care. The “Are you ready to transition to adult health care?” quiz asks questions about what the young adult already knows about their own health care and then provides information and links on what to do next.

    Check out the Got Transition quiz “Are You Ready to Transition to Adult Health Care?” and then pass it on to your colleagues, students, and their families.