Understanding Pre-Employment Transition Services

During the 2016-17 school year, you have probably heard the term “Pre-ETS” many times. But what are these Pre-Employment Transition Services? You probably know that Pre-ETS involves Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services and stems from amendments to the Rehabilitation Act in the 2014 Workforce Innovations Opportunity Act (WIOA). But…Will your district be involved? What does it mean for you as a teacher and for your students in transition? What are the five core Pre-ETS services?

We have answers for you.

Today's tip includes links to two documents. The first is a two-page basic overview of what Pre-Employment Transition Services are, and how they are supported. The second is a listing of providers, counties, and school districts currently working with Pre-ETS funding to give Indiana students access to meaningful career planning.

Pre-Employment Transition Services: Information Basics

Pre-Employment Transition Services: List of Indiana Providers, Counties, and Schools