Visual Resumes for Your Students

A visual resume—A.K.A. a representational portfolio, or person-centered resume—is a positive and strength-based representation of the job seeker. This type of resume is a visual marketing tool introducing job seekers who need customized employment or more intensive or longer-lasting supports.

When you are supporting a job seeker with a limited repertoire of formal experiences and skills, the visual resume can be a strong alternative. In other words, this is for the job seeker whose typical resume might not warrant consideration from an employer who can’t readily discern their contributions.

Many job seekers with varying levels of disability have skills and experiences that can directly translate to meeting employer needs. For job seekers experiencing the most significant impacts of disability, they will generally fall short of consideration when compared to other people with disabilities, not to mention people who do not have disabilities.

The purpose of the visual resume is to help level the playing field. It does so by minimizing the exclusionary effect of competitiveness and helps the employer imagine, envision, identify, and buy into what the job seeker has to offer.

With this visual resume, the Pre-ETS provider or teacher may use photos and videos to convey and demonstrate the job seeker’s most consistent, reliable strengths. Done well, the visual resume will convey their positive contribution potential and give the employer a holistic snapshot of the job seeker. In short, the visual resume can facilitate more meaningful conversation around possibilities for the job seeker.