College Planning Resources

The key to success in college for students with disabilities is often planning, re-planning, and planning some more. You already know about the importance of academics, the Core 40 diploma, and self-determination. But just as important may be finding the right “fit” with colleges and universities willing to support students who need assistive technology support, individualized classroom (or online) accommodations, effective peer tutors, and creative social inclusion strategies.

Help students and their families begin to explore the possibilities by pointing them to the following resources:

  • Postsecondary Education in Indiana—a page of the Center on Community Living and Careers (CCLC) website offering resources and information about support programs for degree-seeking students with disabilities on several Indiana college and university campuses. The webpage also has information about the six Indiana colleges and universities offering college experience programs to interested students in their last year of school prior to exiting with a Certificate of Completion. (Note that eligible students must live in the districts collaborating with one of the six programs.)
  • Is College for You: Setting Goals and Taking Action and ¿Es la Universidad para ti?—a publication of the Center on Community Living and Careers.
  • The Postsecondary Education Resource Collection—featured on the INSTRC website.
  • What’s Next?, Issues No. 5 and 6—a newsletter for students with disabilities who’ve recently exited school, What’s Next? provides information and resources on a variety of transition topics. Issue No. 5 focuses on planning for college. Issue No. 6, due out next week, focuses on the importance of filling out the FAFSA.*

For those of you supporting students in the midst of college visits and planning, the INSTRC website also includes the following resources and assessments. On the Resource Search page just check the “Postsecondary Education & Training” box. On the Transition Assessment Matrix search page check the “Education/Training” box and scroll through to find related assessments, several of which are also available in Spanish and Burmese.

  • The College Planning Worksheet
  • College Campus Visit Reflection
  • College Preparation Checklist
  • College Technical School Initial Review
  • Postsecondary College School Comparison

    *Bonus Tip: During your case conference meetings, be sure to let families know about signing up for the What’s Next? newsletter. By giving them the link to the What’s Next? webpage and encouraging them to fill out the survey there, you can also include the newsletter on the IEP when filling out the transition information box! (That’s the one that says, “Document the written information that was presented to the parent and student regarding the available adult services provided through state and local agencies and other organizations to facilitate student movement from school to adult life.)