Indiana's Cadres of Transition Leaders

It is hard to believe that the Indiana Cadres of Transition Leaders have been going strong for seven years! In 2011, Indiana formed seven regional cadres of leaders in the field of transition to build capacity across the state and address regional secondary transition needs. Cadre members meet regularly (typically once a month or every other month) to discuss, plan, learn, and provide supports. Many cadres work on products to support their regions and the state. Some examples of Cadre-driven work include the Transition Assessment Matrix; Case Conference Cue Card; parent information brochures; and videos to support teachers, students, and families.

Each year brings new ideas and new challenges that Cadre members work on through a team approach. Each Cadre has one or two facilitators, along with a support person from the Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center team. Cadres are also supported by the Indiana Department of Education.

Interested in joining a Cadre? We hope you are! Not sure which Cadre your school district is in? You can find a map of Cadre boundaries and a listing of currently participating districts on the following website: 

Once you’ve located your Cadre, please email one of the facilitators below to learn more about meeting dates and activities. 

Registration is still open for September 2018 Regional Transition Trainings. Training kicks off in Carmel and continues in Indianapolis, Bloomington, Huntington, Hammond, and Jasper. Click on the link for more information and to reserve your seat!