Designing, Delivering, and Evaluating Instruction

This week we bring you another Short Share video from the DOE’s Office of Special Education. This short share will continue to clarify the components that lead to improved outcomes by focusing on instruction. It discusses facilitating knowledge in a systemic way by breaking down instruction into three components: designing, delivering, and evaluation.

Click on the link to view Short Share #9:  

To learn more about instruction within a transition-focused approach, visit the Resource Collections page of the Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center website at There, you will find information on Writing Quality IEPs. As an Indiana transition teacher or professional, you know that your students deserve a compliant IEP—one that meets federal and state requirements. But a transition IEP must also be individualized to reflect a student’s needs and interests, and it should help them seamlessly and successfully transition to a life where they have opportunities to achieve their goals. INSTRC staff have compiled examples, tutorials, and other resources on the website to help you write quality IEPs for each of your students.